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allen◆ge for 5G i■ndustry. Hig〓h propagation ●loss of mmWave 〓signals limi〓ts its coverage○, while na○rrow direct◆ional beam require◆d to focus the tran◆smission power makes○ the mmWav●e beam to track■ the mobile de●vice, becom◆ing more diff●icult.The joint fi●eld trial ■conduced in Nove■mber 2017 successful〓ly

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demonstr●ated that 39GHz m◆mWave can be used■ for the long-di〓stance transmi●ssion in both s■tationary an■d mobility scenarios〓 even in urban co●mplex deploy◆ment environ●ments.The 〓partners record●ed over 3 G●bps downlink throug●hput on the● stationary user e◆quipment (UE) a●t a distance of ■1.5 km and over○ 2 G

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bps at a distanc〓e of 1.8 km on 3●9GHz mmWav■e.The trial has◆ validated and prov○ed the effectivene◆ss of two compani■es' mmWave technolo○gies to pr〓ovide range ■of 5G services w●hich require w■ide area cov○erage.The tes◆t system was○ made up of on●e base station on ○Yokohama Media Towe○r that works o○n the 39GHz

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band and○ a UE on a testing v●ehicle.This ■trial boasted the ■innovative materi〓als based comp◆act focal lens● antenna wit〓h advanced be●am forming (maximum◆ gain of 31 dB●i) technique to ◆concentrate t●he radio waves ●in a certain d●irection to enabl〓e long-distan●ce transmission.T○he advanced beam tra●cking techniqu○e is employed t●o trackUE on a t○esting vehicl◆e travelling at ○speeds of ove〓r 20 km per hour. Th■is is the industry-f●irst filed tri■al to verify the◆ long-distance m◆mWave transmission f◆or mobility appl●ication in ●macro-cell cov○erage scenar◆ios.The inve◆nted mmWave b○eam processing algor〓ithms are ○used to allow ●the best b〓eam selection, ●fast beam tr●acking, and f●ast beam swit○ching for ■the best perfo■rmance for mobile t◆erminal. Movi●ng at abou〓t 25 km per● hour, the term●inal user ■experienced the high●-speed trans●mission and● stable throughpu●t.Huawei and Do●como jointly w●orked on the 5〓G innovation and s○uccessfully ○conducted a serie●s of large-sca■le field tria〓ls since December 〓2014. Currently, the〓 developments ◆of 5G have entere◆d a new era, wi◆th the first version● of 3GPP 5G standar■d of Release-15 e〓xpected to be comp●leted in 2018. The〓 industry is thus● entering ■the 5G pre-■commercial st◆age."Huawei will○ continue to work 〓on research and de●velopment of mobil●e communications ○technologies in co●operation with● partners around 〓the world to of●fer new servic■es that uti■lize 5G in d〓iverse scenarios f◆or 2020 and ●beyond," Wen said●.Please scan○ the QR Code to fo○llow us on Ins◆tagramPlease sca○n the QR Code to ●follow us on WechatC■hinese telecom ●giant Huawei is on a● roll and we c■an anticipate ●stronger mom◆entum ahea●d.China Breakthrough●s: Smartphones get A◆I-enabled to◆uchChina Breakt■hroughs: Sm〓artphones get AI-●enabled touch09-●08-2017 17◆:59 BJTChinese tele○com giant Hu◆awei is on a r○oll and we can ●anticipate st◆ronger mome○ntum ahead. C○NBC r


eports (◆Sep. 7, 20●17) that, "Hua○wei has surp〓assed Apple as t■he world’s● second-lar●gest smartphone bra〓nd."Consul○ting firm Coun◆terpoint Research〓 said, "Huawei◆ is now only behin〓d Samsung in sales〓, thanks to the〓 company's● consisten〓t investment in ●R&D (research an○d developmen○t) and manuf○acturing, as ○well as aggres■sive and creative m●arketing."Huawei●'s strateg●y is to generate r○evenues and 〓pour a percentag●e of profits back ●into R&D ●to develop upg●rades on its d〓evices and intro〓duce new p○roducts to t◆he market.The Shenz◆hen-based ◆company has taken● another huge step a●t Berlin's IF○A consumer electroni■cs show by● introducing Ma○te 10 to the public ◆for the first ti■me, which come equip●ped with a●n AI (artif●icial intelligence)■ chipset.Kirin 970-p○owered AI smartphone●sMate 10 is ◆expected t◆o go on sale sta●rting in October● 2017, which is p■owered by t●he Kirin 970 p◆rocessor with AI ca〓pabilities.■ The new c○hipset uses 10 n〓anometer processi◆ng technology tha■t can turbochar●ge smartphones wit■

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